AC Maintenance Services in Madera, CA

Does your air conditioning system give you peace of mind? Air conditioning maintenance is a necessary process for any home or business. When the system goes wrong, it results in severe disruptions as customers, workforce, and homeowners can no longer enjoy a comfortable environment. At A & R Refrigeration, we provide an AC maintenance service in Madera, CA. A cold winter requires heating, and air conditioning systems must be intact, as well as in summer seasons when AC is in use. Visit or reach us in Madera, CA, for your magical response to your air conditioning needs.

Changes in use can result in strange noises, leakages, or even funny smells inside the units. At A & R, we give a detailed air conditioning servicing and maintenance program, and we make sure to prevent and repair potential faults before the mistakes escalate. Where mistakes have already happened, we ensure that the system is back and running and backed up as fast as possible. Our experienced experts ensure that your air conditioning system is fully operational and efficiently rated by using the correct amount of cooling or heating for your property.

HVAC System Installation

An energy-efficient AC unit keeps you cool during summer, while a strong heating unit keeps your warmth throughout winter. To ensure easy temperature regulation, the design of your unit is crucial. Providing a fresh and clean supply of air impacts your health and productivity, whether at home or in a company setting. For a rewarding and positive experience, your supply and installation will be smooth and interactive every step of the way. We will ascertain your AC needs. We survey and design how your new unit will be and the time to be taken for complete installation and testing of the system to your satisfaction.

Our technicians will advise on necessary precautions and routine maintenance after they are done with installation and testing. Old and nonfunctioning units will then be removed and safely disposed of. We know that a quality central heating system is fundamental for a habitable and warm home. Call to drop by at A & R Refrigeration Madera, CA, and we will ensure you enjoy:
Safety– Compliance and safety is our ultimate endeavor. Your installed heating system cannot be handed over without us ensuring all safety concerns are thoroughly attended to. Our personnel will share expertise on smart thermostats, such that when you are taking care of other businesses, your heating is switched off or on in relation to your desired needs.
Post- Installation Care– We offer care and maintenance for your installed heaters. We will be there. Leaving you unattended will never happen to us at your service.

Once Every Year

Our technicians advocate for routine heating and AC maintenance once every year. Wiring checks and adjustments where wires are loose are part of heating maintenance. Checking for corroded or damaged wires prevents costs due to wastage and malfunctioning. By checking and maintaining your units regularly, we determine underlying weaknesses and issues. The following are areas to check for a better service from your AC system:

  • Filter-AC filters allow your system to have an efficient run time and avoid AC repairs and replacements, saving on time wasted and energy bills. A clean filter traps and eliminates foreign materials such as dust, pollen, and mold, thus creating a clean living space for you and your family.
  • Proper refrigerant levels and adjustment where needed. We can locate possible mistakes before they appear through proper regular tune-ups and checks, as undetected leaks may result in operational and environmental problems.
  • Drain Line- Your unit’s evaporator coil causes condensation that is removed via drain lines. A blocked drain results in a foul odor and accelerated humidity, causing water damage inside your homes. Scheduled cleaning and inspection prevent algae and molds from growing, blocking the drain.
  • Coils- ability to absorb heat may be due to dirty coils, reducing airflow and thus reduced heat; dirt on coils is removed for a smooth and efficient operation.
  • Performance assessment for air conditioning system – Variations between supply and return air determined, cooling operations inspected, and the temperature drops picked and sorted.
  • Ductwork- To prevent supply leaks, our experts visually inspect the ductwork, airflow restriction by kinks, and loose connections on ducts.   

Maintenance Membership

Repairing can be more expensive than preventing a fault from happening. It’s our clarion call upon companies and homeowners in Madera, CA, to join our maintenance membership program, to achieve guaranteed positive results in:

Quality Air We will aim to do routine maintenance of your HVAC system to eliminate air pollutants such as bacteria, pollen, dust, and mold.
Efficiency Fewer fault areas will help achieve less energy use by your system, since our experts will remove all setbacks causing your unit to overwork.
Longevity We will maintain your system through inspections and maintenance.
Reliability With our regular checks and repairs, your system will always be in good shape while ensuring its efficiency at every st

Joining our maintenance membership program will ensure our timely attention to your system. Your unit will always work effectively and efficiently. A& R will never leave you unsettled and will walk you through your ultimate air conditioning goals.

Routine Heating & AC Maintenance Services

A & R Inc. conducts reactive procedure inspection, maintenance, and tune-up of your cooling and heating units in response to your call. Regular comprehensive AC maintenance and checks for heater repair give contentment of protection while using your air conditioning units. Planned maintenance and inspection avoid repairs that could have been done, saving on costs.

Constant use of a unit calls for its continued maintenance and repair. Call us today for the correct and efficient functioning of your AC unit. Our experts at A & R Refrigeration Inc. in Madera, CA, give the high-quality, dependable services required for your air conditioning. We guarantee smooth running and long-lasting service of your AC unit by taking special maintenance and care.

Need AC Maintenance Services?

We hope you’ll contact us today! Working with many manufacturers and equipment suppliers allows us to provide a wide range of alternatives for your needs. Whether you want air conditioning for your living space, multiple rooms, a single room, or your property, we will help you overcome the challenging installations and tailor your air conditioning solution to your desired levels using specific systems suited for your particular environment or area. Air conditioning and heating systems require routine checks. A & R Refrigeration Inc. is your trusted solution for your AC Maintenance Services in Madera, CA. Shop for your AC needs with us today and enjoy a pain-free experience. Our experts will evaluate all your HVAC system components, including the heat burner and exchanger. We will not rest until your system has regained its lost glory.