Air Conditioning & Heater Repair Services in Merced, CA

A & R Refrigeration, Inc. Brings You Top Air Conditioning Repair Merced, CA

Don’t be caught off guard by warm weather. A & R Refrigeration, Inc. keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter with our trusted air conditioning repair Merced.

Need reliable Air Conditioning maintenance services in Merced, CA? We have just what you need. Our refrigeration, CA maintenance and repair service goes back to the 1960s and since then we have managed to establish a long-term relationship that our clients can depend on.

Why allow the sweltering heat to get you down or be less productive? While air conditioning systems can fail or become damaged, routine maintenance or emergency repairs will have them up and running in no time.

You Can Depend On Us

We offer a variety of refrigeration and heater repair Merced, CA
It doesn’t matter the style or design of your refrigerator or the brand of your air conditioner; our HVAC company is able to help you get it back to its new self.

We assess, quote, and do a complete job
After completing a full assessment, we’re then able to see what needs fixing and what needs replacing. We will tackle all aspects of the repair and also tell our clients before going ahead with the job so that you have a better idea of the costs.

We keep our clients informed at all times
We keep you, our trusted clients, in the loop with all our work and what needs to be done. You will always know where you stand with us.

Our teams are highly experienced and fully trained
We have a reliable and trustworthy team that will tackle your air conditioning or heating repairs no matter how big or small the job might be. We use accurate tools and equipment to get the job properly and efficiently done.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Servicing Heaters, Refrigerators, HVAC Systems.
  • Repairs of HVAC Systems, Refrigerators, Heaters.
  • Installations of all HVAC, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heaters

Our Ethos and Vision
At A & R Refrigeration, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering only the best quality products and workmanship for our customers in Merced, CA.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we thrive on delivering only the best in support and give you competitive market rates and quality guaranteed.

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Contact us, and we can help you with any of your HVAC, refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning system needs. Whether installing, looking for a repair, or needing a service, we’ve got you covered.

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