AC Maintenance Services in Merced, CA

How do you like your Air Conditioning unit? Servicing your air conditioning unit at least every 12 months is recommended to ensure it maintains its optimal functioning. Ignoring your air conditioning unit maintenance will affect its energy efficiency and ultimately make you unable to regulate temperatures well. A & R Refrigeration, Inc. offers you an opportunity to enjoy the ultimate performance of your air conditioning unit, irrespective of whether it’s brand new or you’ve already used it for some years.

Call our experts to install new accessories and equipment when yours fails, or schedule service, maintenance, or repair your refrigeration systems, heating, and cooling. We can service any unit using highly efficient products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers and suppliers for quality HVAC system installation, giving you back a unit as good as new. We are just a phone call away from your guaranteed rescue for your AC repair services in Merced, CA.

HVAC System Installation

Since we work with many equipment suppliers and manufacturers, we can provide a great range of options for your needs, whether you want to air condition your entire property, single room, living space, or even multiple rooms, we can help you overcome installations that are challenging, and we can customize an air conditioning solution to your requirements and needs using specific units suited for your specific area or environment.

To ensure a positive and rewarding experience, we will keep you up to date with every step in the supply and installation. To ascertain your needs, we conduct a consultation exercise. To your satisfaction, we survey and design how and where your new system will be and the time for complete installation and testing.

Our experienced technicians will keenly and carefully carry out the full installation process, observing very little or no disruptions. After installation and testing, we will advise on any necessary measures and maintenance routine, after which we will register a warranty for your unit to protect your investment. Removal and safe disposal of old nonfunctioning units beyond repair will also be done for you.

Quality Central Heating System is Crucial

We understand that a quality central heating system is crucial for a warm and habitable home. Count on us at A & R, and we ensure central installations fall under:

  • Convenience– We blend with your routine and schedules and install your heating system when available and convenient.
  • Transparent Costs– Our experts provide with transparency and accountability.
  • Post- Installation Care– We offer routine maintenance and care. We will be there. Leaving you in the cold will not happen with us around.
  • Safety– Ensuring your installed system is safe and compliant is part of our work. Our experts will offer expertise on smart thermostat options so that when you run your errands, your system is turned on or off, depending on your needs.

Routine Heating & AC Maintenance Services

A & R Refrigeration, Inc. provides comprehensive AC maintenance procedures, inspection, and tune-up of your heating and cooling systems. Regular maintenance offers contentment of safety for use with your air conditioning units. Scheduled inspection and maintenance prevent expensive repairs, saving on costs that otherwise could have been avoided. Constant reliance on a unit demands its repair and constant maintenance. Reach us today, and we will provide efficient and correct operation of your AC unit. Our team at A & R Refrigeration, Inc. in Merced, CA, provides dependable, high-quality services needed for your air conditioning. We ensure a long-lasting service and smooth running of your AC system by taking special care and maintenance. Our experts recommend routine heater repair and AC maintenance once a year. Heating maintenance may include wiring checks and adjustments where wires are loose. Checking for damaged or corroded wires also prevents unnecessary costs due to malfunctions. We can determine underlying issues and weaknesses by regularly maintaining and checking your units. The following checklist is ideal for your unit:

  • Filter-AC filters give your system an efficient run time and prevent replacements and repairs, thus saving your resources on energy bills and time wasted. A clean filter gives you quality air by trapping and eliminating foreign materials such as mold and pollen, hence, a clean-living space for you and your loved ones.
  • Proper refrigerant levels and adjustment where necessary– system leaks may result from low refrigerant levels. We can detect potential mistakes before they happen through proper checking and regular tune-ups, as undetected leaks may cause operational and environmental hazards.
  • Drain Line– Condensation caused by your unit’s evaporator coil is removed through drain lines. A blocked drain results in accelerated humidity, causing water damage and bad odors inside your home. Routine inspection and cleaning prevent molds and algae from growing, thus blocking the drain.
  • Coils– Dirty coils reduce airflow, reducing the ability to absorb heat. Collected dirt on the coils is cleaned to ensure an operation that is smooth and efficient.
  • Air conditioning performance assessment– All cooling operations must be inspected, and temperature drops and variations between supply and return air determined and sorted.
  • Amp Draw– Measure and record the power to move air through your AC system. More pressure on the unit can result from variations in amperage, reducing the evaporator and condenser motor and the compressor’s lifespan.
  • Ductwork– We visually inspect the ductwork to avert supply leaks, loose connections on ducts, and airflow restrictions.

Maintenance Membership

Prevention is better than cure. We call upon homeowners in Merced, CA, to be part of the A & R Refrigeration Inc. maintenance membership program to achieve our goals in:

  • Quality Air– We will endeavor to provide routine maintenance for your HVAC units and eliminate air pollutants such as dust, bacteria, pollen, and mold.
  • Lower bills– your average bill will drop significantly. We will ensure a well-maintained HVAC unit for you, hence less energy.
  • Efficiency– Fewer problematic areas will assist you in less energy use by your unit, since our professionals will help remove all issues causing your system to overwork.
  • Reliability– Your system will always be there when you need it as we will ensure its highest efficiency.
  • Longevity– Our regular inspections and maintenance will ensure your system lasts longer.

Being part of our maintenance membership program will benefit you instantly as we ensure our best attention to your system is always optimal. A& R will never let you down and partner with you all day.

Need AC Maintenance Services in Merced, CA

Heating systems before cold seasons and air conditioning need routine checks. A & R Refrigeration Inc. is your one-stop solution for your AC Maintenance Services in Merced, CA. Bank with us now, and we will be sure to reciprocate even better, leaving you a happy and loyal customer. Our experienced personnel will check all your HVAC units’ components. They will also ensure your system is left fully functional with no potential issues that may hinder its workability. Contact us today!